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Choose Mitchell's Pressure Washing And Painting for Your Home Pressure washing service Needs.

We are a professional pressure washing and painting business.  We offer very competitive pricing and prompt scheduling for expert services. Our equipment is new and well maintained.  We use green friendly cleaning solutions and will treat your property with respect.  We strive to exceed customer expectations for a pressure washing and  painting business, and earn both your repeat business and referrals. For  pricing, or to schedule service, call 228-224-3670.

Do it yourself vs. hiring a professional company

Pressure washing looks simple enough – get a machine and spray water on dirty areas. The truth is that there is a lot to know to get optimal results, not damage surfaces and finishes, and avoid physical injury. The time to rent and return equipment, buy cleaning solutions and do the work can make this a full weekend’s worth of work.

In most cases you don’t need high pressure as much as ample water flow and a good cleaning solution. You may need special tips, wand extensions and long hoses to clean a two story house. Choosing the right cleaning solution is important. What works for cleaning oil stained concrete might damage your house paint. High pressure equipment can break windows, blow off paint and even crack older vinyl siding.  In most exterior cleaning situations it makes sense to hire a professional pressure washing business.

Cost of pressure washing a house

In a 2015 study in Atlanta the average price to rent a “decent” pressure washer for two days, wand extensions, and purchase 4 gallons of cleaning solution was well over $200. Add a hydro scrubber for concrete and you will spend about $80 more. (You can figure what your time is worth.) To do it yourself you’ll spend around $300 and be wet for two days. Check out our pressure washing coupons to save money, and spend your weekend on something fun.

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